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Become a JUDO WunschWasser® PROFI now and profit from the additional business with JUDO! Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Because a business is only as good as it feels for both sides. That’s why enthusiastic customers are the goal of all our activities. We reward your loyalty and commitment with our diverse partner programme. Register now and enjoy numerous advantages:

WunschWasser PROFI Marketing-Service

1. Product service

Technically leading and always there for you. With JUDO you are in the best hands. Our professional customer service will look after you individually and personally, whether it’s a single-family home or an entire hotel complex, drinking or process water. We have been providing solutions for water treatment for over 80 years – we help you to adjust and ensure the quality of the water. With products and systems that meet your requirements as well as the applicable standards and guidelines.


2. Marketing service

Advertise with your good name and the award as JUDO WunschWasser® PROFI. We will support you with free advertising material such as seals and stickers for your fleet, banners for your website or print templates for your print products.

WunschWasser PROFI Premium-Card

3. Premium card

Get our JUDO WunschWasser® PROFI Premium Card. It is your identification card for a strong partnership. With it you collect premium points with every purchase of a JUDO product, which you can exchange for attractive premiums in our shop. In addition, the JUDO WunschWasser® PROFI Premium-Card allows you to take part in special promotions and events.

WunschWasser PROFI myJUDO App

4. myJUDO App

With the myJUDO app it’s easy to collect bonus points. Buy a JUDO product, scan the QR code and the bonus points are already in your account. Of course you can also let your employees collect bonus points. Together you can reach your desired bonus even faster.


5. Rewards shop

For committed JUDO specialist partners, the cooperation is worthwhile. JUDO rewards loyalty and commitment with selected, attractive premiums. In the new JUDO rewards shop, JUDO partners have access to their rewards points and a large selection of high-quality prizes at any time.

Get started and collect points

with the myJUDO App

Our myJUDO app makes collecting points very easy. Simply download our free app from the store, register and you’re ready to go. Scan the QR code with every purchase of a JUDO product and the bonus points are already in your account.

Register now and become JUDO WunschWasser® PROFI!


Or alternatively via your Internet browser via

myJUDO App

Any questions?

Technical questions about myJUDO App:

Phone: +49 (0)7195 692 – 193

Do you have questions about ordering rewards?

To do so, please have your customer number (see menu item User Account) and the reference number (see menu item Premium History) of the respective premium order at hand.

Phone: +49 (0)7195 692 – 160


During the transition period, it is possible that JUDO products eligible for premiums do not yet have a QR code with a device ID number. In such a case, please send the corresponding invoice to your JUDO specialist consultant for manual crediting of award points.

You will receive a push message after you have been credited with manual rewards points (prerequisite: push messages have been allowed for the myJUDO app). In addition, the rewards points credit will be listed in your scan history.

Please note:
Not all JUDO products (e.g. JUL mineral solutions, accessories, spare parts etc.) have QR codes with device ID numbers. JUDO products that are not eligible for an award will not receive a QR code with device ID number even after the transition phase.

The QR Code for the myJUDO app is the device identity QR Code that can be found on many JUDO products. You can recognize the code by the QR Code above and the device ID number below. The QR Code contains this Ident Number as content and can easily be scanned with the camera of your smartphone or tablet in the myJUDO app. If you use the web interface, you can simply enter the Ident Number manually in the myJUDO app.

Please note that the following QR Codes cannot be used for the myJUDO App:

The QR code on the carton label contains a link to the current operating instructions of the respective product and is not the device ID number of the JUDO product. The QR code without indicating a device ID number of a JUDO Backwash Protective Filter or Domestic Water station of germ protection class below it is intended for the backwash reminder in the JUDO JU-Control App. You will receive a corresponding message when you scan the QR Code with the myJUDO App. The QR Code without specifying a device ID number of a JUDO Backwash Protective Filter or Domestic Water station of the EC class below is intended for the backwash reminder in the JUDO JU-Control App. You will receive a corresponding message when scanning the QR Code with the myJUDO App.