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The right water for every requirement.


Not all water is the same. Whether for bathing, garden watering, cooking or industrial applications – the demands on water are as varied as the everyday situations. Depending on the quality of the water, different measures are necessary to treat it optimally. We offer you a wide range of solutions that are precisely tailored to the corresponding requirements: from filtration, softening and dosing to degassing or mineral dosing.

JUDO PROMI-QUICK CONNECTION Domestic water stations


An efficient filter is the starting point for most water treatment solutions. Depending on your requirements, we offer different processes and products.

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Safety fittings

Trust in our safety fittings. This is how we ensure safety. You don’t worry about anything.

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JUDO i-dos dosing pumps i-dos 3


With the right dosing solution, water installations are protected efficiently and reliably.

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JUDO OXIDOS Chlorine Dioxide Generation and Metering System


Clean does not equal hygienic. Products for stand disinfection, germ protection prohylaxis and UV disinfection can be found here.

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JUDO i-balance fully automatic lime protection

Alternative lime protection

Devices such as the i-balance or the BIOSTAT leave the lime in the water, but ensure that it cannot settle in the pipes.

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JUDO i-soft plus fully automatic softening plant


Soft, decalcified water makes bathing and showering a pleasure, protects the pipes from deposits and also reduces the amount of cleaning required.

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JUDO Reverse Osmosis Plants


Reverse osmosis plants are ideal wherever continuously desalinated water is required. The reverse osmosis process removes dissolved salts from natural water reliably and in a particularly environmentally friendly manner.

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i-fill with PURE 7500 demineralisation cartridge

Heating protection

The heating water plays a decisive role in the performance and reliable operation of the heating system. With these products you can treat it optimally.

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Automatic circuit desalination system JKAA-MV

Cooling and air-conditioning technology

For the water treatment of cooling and air conditioning systems, a wide range of technologies are used. From the softening plant via reverse osmosis plants to the dosing pump.

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JUDO JHL 3 Dosing solution


We offer you a wide range of chemicals for boiler water as well as for air-conditioning and cooling water conditioning.

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JUDO pH Tester JPpH meter


The first step in water treatment is the analysis. Only when the most important values of the water composition have been determined, the necessary measures to achieve the desired water quality can be determined.

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JUDO JU-WEL Trio JUW-T 3⁄4" - 11⁄4"


Water is more than just drinking or process water. Properly treated, it can become a beneficial wellness treatment – for body and soul.

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